2015-06-29 12:00Press release

Soundtrap Announces First Online Collabora5ve Music Recording Studio to Work Across iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows

Music Recording Studio Also Offers Way for Musicians to Find Each Other and Collaborate Across Countries in an Easy-to-Use Platform

Palo Alto, Calif. - June 29, 2015 – Bringing the power and joy of online music collabora- :on to a mass audience, startup company Soundtrap today launches the first online music and audio recording studio where users can find and collaborate with people from all over the world on a mul:tude of devices across iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows plaEorms. It is the first solu:on that lets users record a tune or podcast by only accessing a browser across mul:ple plaEorms. Coming out of beta, Soundtrap today also announced $1 million in seed funding and the commercial availability of its platform. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xheoUkbyhE4

Soundtrap uniquely provides musicians with an easy-to-use studio for real-:me audio, podcast or music collabora:on. In comparison with other compe::ve solu:ons that have complex recording processes, users can be up and running on Soundtrap within minutes. This simplicity means it is also being used by the K12 and above educa:on markets and has been named “The Best Website for Teaching and Learning 2015” by the American Associa:on of School Librarians. Soundtrap is currently in use in 150 U.S. schools and the plaEorm has grown from 20,000 to 120,000 users in 175 countries in just five months.

Soundtrap was developed using only HTML5 technologies and it is fully cloud-based for all devices. Since Soundtrap runs without any addi:onal soXware tools, it is ideal for Chromebook, which is now becoming omnipresent in educa:on. It is wriYen in the new Google DART language and u:lizes the audio APIs Web Audio, Web MIDI and Web RTC.

To use Soundtrap, users simply open a browser and log on. They can choose from over 50 virtual instruments, 1,400 royaltyfree loops (music) and 25 real-:me effects. The platform has a video window where collaborators can work together in real :me and create a fully formed song with drums, loops, bass and synthesizer. Other sounds can easily be dropped in. Users can even record audio and line in a bass or electric guitar and record and play with a full-featured guitar rig, including amplifiers and effects. “This is the only online music recording studio where you can start making a song on your Chromebook or Windows machine, invite a guitarist friend who is using a Mac, find a new keyboard player to work with who is using an iPad from the other side of the globe and finish the song with a great vocalist on the street using an Android smartphone,” said Soundtrap CEO Per Emanuelsson.

The funding, led by angel investor Lars Bergstrom, secures financing that will take the company to a new level and establish Soundtrap as a leader in its market niche. It is free for storing up to five songs. Subscrip:ons start at $3.99 a month. More pricing informa- :on is available here: www.soundtrap.com/pricing. Soundtrap also offers discounted educa:on packages for that market.

About Soundtrap

Soundtrap is the first cloud-based audio recording platform to work across all operating systems, enabling users to co-create music anywhere in the world. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Soundtrap provides an easy-to-use music and audio creation platform for all levels of musical interest and abilities and is being used by the K-12 through higher-education markets. On December 2017, Soundtrap was acquired by Spotify. For more information, visit http://www.soundtrap.com


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