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Government of Andorra Purchases Countrywide Licence for Soundtrap Online Recording & Music Studio

Soundtrap Ideal for Teaching, Collaboration and Music Making

Stockholm, Sweden and Andorra. – November 22, 2018 – The Government of Andorra’s Ministry of Education has purchased a countrywide licence for the Soundtrap online music and podcast recording studio. Soundtrap’s browser-based music and podcast recording solution will be rolled out to all the children in this country, starting with a small group this year. All school-going kids between the ages of 7 and 16 will have access to Soundtrap’s online music and podcast recording solution.

Soundtrap is the first solution for kids that lets them make music or audio recordings online with fellow students within their invited and secured group, record a tune or podcast, and then share the music with classmates in the cloud from a multitude of devices and operating systems. While Andorra is the sixth-smallest nation in Europe, the country engages a progressive approach to education that highly values technology in the classroom.

Andorran Teacher Santiago Casas Martin introduced the country’s educational system to Soundtrap after having discovered the solution for his own music. It was purchased for every Andorran Educational System school because of its ease of use, adaptability across curricula and unique cross-platform feature that encourages students to collaborate and work together.

According to Laura Civantos, technician in educational technological development, from the Andorran Ministry of Education, “We are committed to making the best international education available to all of our Andorran students. Soundtrap was a logical step in our goal of giving our students access to the cutting-edge technologies that prepare them for promising careers and exciting futures in a rapidly changing 21st century.”

Per Emanuelsson, director of Soundtrap, commented, “We believe every student deserves access to classroom tools that harness creativity, excite them about learning, and encourage communication and collaboration. Teaming up with Andorra’s Ministry of Education shines an even brighter spotlight on Soundtrap’s mission to provide a worldwide learning experience to every student with access to a computer or mobile device.”

Soundtrap offers schools 30-day free trials of the software. A starter-pack licence for up to 50 users costs €249 per year and custom licences for 100 users are priced at €489 per year, with special deals available for districtwide licences. Soundtrap was acquired by Spotify in December 2017.

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About Soundtrap

Soundtrap is the first cloud-based audio recording platform to work across all operating systems, enabling users to co-create music anywhere in the world. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Soundtrap provides an easy-to-use music and audio creation platform for all levels of musical interest and abilities and is being used by the K-12 through higher-education markets. On December 2017, Soundtrap was acquired by Spotify. For more information, visit http://www.soundtrap.com


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